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Solar Screens
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Window treatments in Colorado Springs that you can select for your home or business include roller screens and exterior solar screens in Colorado Springs. These window screens provide many of the advantages that other window coverings offer such as light control, shade and privacy but with additional protection from damaging UV rays.

Solar screens in Colorado Springs.

Benefits of Blindsource Solar Screens in Colorado Springs

The skilled professionals at Blindsource can help you choose the ideal roller screens or exterior solar screens for the windows in your Colorado Springs residential or commercial building. When you’re ready to purchase roller screens, give our window treatment company a call to schedule a design consultation and browse our selection of window screen options.


Roller Screens

If you’re searching for versatile exterior solar screens for windows for your Colorado Springs home or business, opt for roller screens because they can be adjusted so that your window is entirely exposed and light streams in or so that the window is covered and the amount of light is reduced. If fixed window screens don’t appeal to you because they remain stationary, you can learn more about roller screens by contacting the window treatment specialists at Blindsource. Homeowners and business owners should be aware that the various moving parts of roller screens might result in higher maintenance costs than those of fixed window screens.

With roller screens installed on your Colorado Springs home or business, you’ll experience protection from UV rays, increased energy efficiency, and the ability to glance at the outdoors without a screen obstructing your view. If you want to invest in roller screens, reach out to a trusted Colorado Springs shutter company like Blindsource to schedule your window treatment installation.


Exterior Solar Screens

Another window screen that you might want to consider is an exterior solar screen. Blindsource offers exterior solar screens to residential and commercial clients in the Colorado Springs area, and many homeowners and business owners choose to install these window screens because exterior solar screens limit stress on cooling systems, reduce energy loss, and decrease energy bills.

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