Customize Your Window Coverings to Match Your Décor
Benefits of customizing your window coverings.

Window coverings are absolutely crucial for any home. They primarily help with three things. They diffuse light to allow you to control the natural lighting in your home, block heat to help you maintain your home’s temperature, and you might even be surprised to know that they help with soundproofing.

However, despite all those great benefits, you don’t just want any old window coverings. Your home’s interior has character and charm that you have carefully created via décor options and micromanaging every little detail. Your window coverings, while extremely functional, are also critical parts of that overall character.

Today, we’re going to look at the key aspects you should consider to spice up your home’s interior and match your window coverings to your décor.

1: Base Color

This is one of the most crucial aspects. You can’t have a well-designed interior décor if the overall color of your window blinds doesn’t match that of your home’s theme.

To be clear, we’re not talking about every single color in this section. If you go with more ornate window coverings, multiple colors will likely be used. While secondary colors are important, it’s the base color that matters the most.

If you have a dim, 1950s-style den with posh antique furniture and all the relevant knick-knacks, do you want the windows to have modern off-white blinds regardless of other features that are enjoyable? No. You want something dark and befitting of the room.

The same concept counts regardless of the theme you have going on. You want the base color to match the furniture and décor. Optimally, the color should match the bulk of the items in the room.

2: Design Style

Next, you’ll want to look at the design style of your window shades. This incorporates two different features.

First, there are the embellishments. Imagine some more ornate options that have the base color highlighted with intricate patterns in various secondary colors. You want the design pattern and color options to match the room they’re going into. Adding flowery 1970s shades to a modern contemporary gaming room will make the entire atmosphere feel off.

Customizing window coverings.

However, you also have to consider the overall design aspect of the covering. Modern hard blinds on motorized mounts are convenient and fit modern homes perfectly. However, you might want an elegant fabric that flows and is meant to be bunched in a specific area to create a more luxurious effect. It’s up to you, but it should match the overall atmosphere of the room. The window coverings shouldn’t stand out from everything else or draw undue attention to themselves.

3: Automated or Manual

This is a fairly new concern when it comes to buying window coverings. Do you want the traditional shutters and blinds that you adjust by hand, or do you think the added convenience of a motorized unit with remote controls is worthwhile?

Mostly, this is a personal option. However, in more traditional settings, automated options might feel out of place.

Regardless of your window covering needs, check out the selection at Blindsource to find the right option for you.

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